Home Building Process

  1. Get Pre-Qualified
  2. Choose your floor plan and lot
  3. Write purchase contract
  4. Apply for financing
  5. Plan Review
    Sign off on blueprints
    10% deposit due (Deposit will be applied toward down payment due at closing)
  6. Personalized Color Selection
  7. Plot Plan applied for
  8. Sign off on Plot Plan (approximately 1 business week from blueprint sign-off)
  9. Apply for building permit (approximately 3-5 weeks after plot plan is signed)
  10. Finalize color Selection
  11. Permit issued and building begins
  12. Select Appliances (Upgrade Only) at Custom Distributors
  13. Select Flooring at Classic Carpet
  14. Select Lighting at Ferguson
  15. Pre-Closing walkthrough (A few days prior to closing)
  16. Closing (Approximately 180 days after permit is received)